Carissa Simper, MSOM, LAc


Master of Science, Oriental Medicine
California Licensed Acupuncturist
Clinical Herbalist

Carissa Simper completed her Master of Science in Oriental Medicine at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, California in 2014. She specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and headaches.

Carissa uses a system of acupuncture called “Balance Method,” which involves stimulating the body’s nervous system by placing needles at specific points away from the area of pain. She typically uses acupuncture points on the lower arms and lower legs — often on the opposite side of the pain. This method of acupuncture frequently provides instant pain relief and avoids the possibility of aggravating the painful area. After gently setting the acupuncture needles she’ll ask you, “Where is your pain now?” Patients are often very surprised when they can no longer locate it!

Your first acupuncture treatment with Carissa is exploratory. During this visit, you’ll work together to establish which “system” within the Balance Method is most likely to relieve your pain. This strategy results in a collaborative, individualized, effective treatment. In order for Carissa to quickly determine the best treatment strategy for you, it is helpful for you to be aware of the location of your pain. If you regularly take over-the-counter or prescription pain medication, you’ll want to schedule your appointment as close as possible before your next dose. This will provide Carissa with the most comprehensive and accurate information for diagnosis and treatment. It will also provide you an opportunity to see just how immediately helpful her style of treatment can be!

Acupuncture treatment plans vary greatly depending on the severity of your pain, how long you have been experiencing it, and whether or not there are any complicating or re-aggravating factors. Patients typically come in for acupuncture 1-3x per week for 3-6 weeks for a full course of treatment. Each acupuncture treatment will hopefully reduce or eliminate the pain for a while afterwards. Occasionally, the pain goes away altogether very quickly. In many cases, the pain will gradually start to come back between treatments. However, as your acupuncture treatment plan progresses, we expect that your relief will last longer and longer between your visits and return with less severity than before. Eventually the pain should stop returning — this is because acupuncture stimulates your own natural healing mechanisms.

Carissa’s diligence and patient-centered care has earned her a special place in the hearts of hundreds (if not thousands!) of her patients over the years. She extends you a warm invitation to experience her gentle and effective style of acupuncture care.

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Carissa Simper is licensed to practice acupuncture by the California Acupuncture Board. (Lic #16675)