Clinic Masking Policy

5/14/2021 – Per CDC guidance, masks are no longer required for our patients and staff who have been fully vaccinated. Patients who choose not to wear a mask will be asked to sign a statement affirming their vaccination status. Patients will not be asked to provide proof of vaccination. Staff members who choose not to wear a mask are required to provide proof of vaccination for their employee file. We support ALL patients, staff, and visitors who continue to practice masking and social distancing based on their own comfort level and health status. Any patient may request that their provider or a staff member wear a mask in their presence – no explanation required. We continue to recommend that everyone who is medically able receives the Covid-19 vaccination.


Our acupuncturists are fully vaccinated

3/1/2021 – We are grateful to have received access to the Covid-19 vaccine along with other health care providers. Joshua and Ken both received their second shot of the Moderna vaccine on February 18, 2021. If you have not yet been vaccinated, we highly recommend that you do if you are medically able.

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Not feeling your best?

Here’s why we invite you to think

“Acupuncture First”

1) Acupuncture is Quality-of-Life Medicine

Although acupuncture is great for treating all kinds of pain, it is so much more.

Acupuncture is a full system of medicine continuously used in East Asia and around the world for over 2000 years. It excels in correcting imbalance to restore proper function.

We invite you to click through these next few slides to discover why and how to include acupuncture as part of your own personal health care.

2) Acupuncture is Time-Tested

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine were developed by generation-after-generation of royal physicians. When you get acupuncture, you are joining a long lineage of royalty receiving the very best care available.

One of the earliest known texts on acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine is called the “Huang Di Nei Jing” or “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine.”

The book is a long conversation between the Yellow Emperor and his physician, Qi Bo. Throughout the text, Qi Bo answers the emperor’s questions about how to restore and preserve health and balance in order to live a long and happy life.


3) Acupuncture is Natural

Acupuncture starts with a deep respect for our bodies’ ability to self-regulate. When we are too hot, we sweat to cool off. When we sprain an ankle, it swells and inflames to prevent further injury and infection.

But sometimes those processes are slow to act or they over do it. Sometimes the body just becomes so accustomed to an imbalance that it is accepted as the “new normal,” and we experience chronic symptoms.

These are the cases where acupuncture shines. Rather than taking over (as medication and surgery do), we focus on using acupuncture needles to nudge the body back into functioning normally.

And that’s why there is nothing on or in our needles – it is YOUR body doing the work. We just remind it how.

In fact, we once had a patient say, “Oh, I don’t think the acupuncture helped. I just got better.” And to that we say, “Great! That’s the whole point!”

4) Acupuncture is Not Alternative Medicine

You wouldn’t use a sewing needle to hammer a nail. You’d use a hammer for that. You’d use a sewing needle to sew.

Conventional medical interventions save lives. If you have appendicitis or an infectious disease or a life-threatening illness, then acupuncture is not an alternative option. You need help from our brilliant colleagues in Western Medicine.

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine developed over the last 2000+ years to extend and improve the quality of life.

Modern medicine developed over the last 150 years with the goal of saving lives from infectious diseases and catastrophic injuries. And it’s very good at that! That’s why Western medicine always takes an intervention-based approach. Let’s be thankful for this heroic approach and take advantage of it whenever necessary.

5) Think "Acupuncture First"

If you need emergency care, then a conventional approach is absolutely the best first step.

However, if you don’t feel well and no one can tell you why, think “Acupuncture First.”

If you hear “it must be stress,” think “Acupuncture First.”

If your back hurts or your arthritis is flaring or you just can’t sleep, think “Acupuncture First.”

For more than a decade, we’ve treated patients who came to acupuncture as a last resort when nothing else seemed to help. So many of them quickly say, “I just wish I’d known sooner! I would have started here!”

Our Patients Love It

Our Acupuncturists

Ken Berry, LAc

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine
NCCAOM National Board-Certified Acupuncturist

Ken Berry founded Asian Therapeutics in 2007. He loves acupuncture for its ability to engage the body’s own healing response.

Ken’s style of acupuncture emphasizes a holistic approach. He takes advantage of traditional and newer techniques to encourage the body back into balance. This method of care frequently offers quick symptomatic relief along with attention to underlying causes. Patients are often surprised by its immediate effects.

See Ken for

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Women’s health and fertility
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Insomnia

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Joshua Harrelson, LAc

Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Joshua Harrelson has been practicing acupuncture in Sacramento since 2014. He specializes in Orthopedic Acupuncture, which blends conventional anatomy with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

See Joshua for

  • Sports injuries
  • Low back and hip pain
  • Sciatica
  • Herniated disc pain and numbness
  • Neck and shoulder pain

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